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Sunlight Eco-tech Limited

  Sunlight is registered as an electrical contractor
Registration No.:032881
Certificate of registration of electrical contractor

      Sunlight Eco-tech Limited was established in 2009 and headquartered in Hong Kong SciencePark, Sha Tin, Hong Kong. We have collaborated with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for on-going research and development in clean energy products. We are also a company that provides energy conversion systems and energy efficiency solutions for customers. Our business includes clean energy, suchas solar power, CVD i-coating technology, energy efficient products, smart grids, and green efficient transportation. Our products are highly acclaimed in Hong Kong.They are not only sells good in Hong Kong China, but also exported to Asia and USA. ……

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 Add:Room 507, Business Plaza, 5 West science Avenue, Sha Tin Science Park, Hongkong  Tel:(0852) 3998 3439

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